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Why Zarifmosavar?

Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group is one of the largest wall to wall CARPET producers in Iran and our region with the annual production of 50 million square meters of home, Industrial, and automotive carpet products. As one of the largest carpet makers in the Middle East, our company has been granted with several awards including Paris international award in 1998 and dozens of others during the past years. Our products are produced under CE Europe due to the distinct quality of them. Our advantage is the production capacity of variety of solutions to meet the needs of different client classes and tastes. Our prices are competitive as well since the raw material, virgin material that is used to make our carpets, is produced in our plant and in the country.
Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group holds an internationally well-known Regal Petrochemical Company (RPS) that is currently owner of a plant located in the petrochemical special zone of Bandar-e-Imam Khomeini, south west of Iran. The plant has the capacity of producing 150,000 tons annually for which the License granting & basic engineering are performed by ABB LUMMUS and the detailed engineering of the project has been accomplished by an Iranian Engineering Company internally affiliated with “REGAL”.

Our main products in order of preference include:

  • Polypropylene and polyester non-woven carpets (velour, corduroy, craved, brocaded, printed and combined)
  • Polypropylene and polyester non-woven carpets (velour, corduroy, craved, brocaded, printed and combined)
  • Hydroponic greenhouse flowers ( Rose ,Orchids , Anterooms)
  • Sleep & Bedroom products(pillow,linen,mattress,quilt)
  • Types of geosynthetic (geotextile, geomembrane and geocomposite)
  • Polypropylene, polyester and polyamide yarn
  • BCF fiber (polypropylene and polyamide) freeze and heat set
  • Master batch, textile oils, homo and co-polymer resins water based paints, polymer powder and industrial brushes.


ZARIF-MOSAVAR Industrial and Production group started its work Since 1984 as well as the establishment of Regal company. Its primery activities were focused on the production of carpet and fiber products. During the past years, Zarif-Mosavar group has been developing its activities in various industrial fields including textiles, chemicals and polymers, Regal petrochemical (as the first Iranian Private Sector Petrochemical Company), modern construction, engineering & architecture, energy and agriculture along with the establishment of several companies in Iran and abroad. The group has arranged its activities at the forefront of business and technology planning and development, by utilizing its past experiences and specialist experts. The Zarif-Mosavar group is considering the general purpose of serving the society through the creation of professional investment fields in the strategic and early productive industries along with developing and investing of its public centers construction in new markets and technologies. We are trying to develop a purposeful and coherent development.

Other sister companies of the Zarif Mosavar industrial group include but not limited to:

  • Nafis cultivation company (the largest hydroponics greenhouse in the Middle East)
  • Seraj Petrochemical Company (Operating 2017)
  • Tis Textile Co.
  • Yalda Polymer Co.
  • Tabiyan Persian Strategy Co.