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Zarifmosavar introduction

Zarif Mosavar Industrial Group is one of the largest wall to wall CARPET producers in Iran and our region with the annual production of 50 million square meters of home, Industrial, and automotive carpet products. As one of the largest carpet makers in the Middle East, our company has been granted with several awards including Paris international award in 1998 and dozens of others during the past years. Our products are produced under CE Europe due to the distinct quality of them. Our advantage is the production capacity of variety of solutions to meet the needs of different client classes and tastes. Our prices are competitive as well since the raw material, virgin material that is used to make our carpets, is produced in our plant and in the country.

Why Us?

There are many reasons why you could chose us. They are included but not limited to below:

  • A big holding of company supports stable production all year long
  • Owning a big petrochemical plant guarantees the availability of raw material
  • Competitive prices due to production of raw material such as fiber, yarn, and thread
  • Products of high quality made of Virgin material
  • Flexible designing solutions with customized designing and production
  • Guarantee of products
  • Variety of products suits different classes of customers
  • Professional export department supports the customers and paves the way for their transactions
  • Our company facilitates the shipping of cargos to anywhere in the world which is really helpful

Contact Us

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  • First Moshtaq, Bozorg-mehr Ave., Esfahan, Iran
  • +98 326 700 23
  • imd@zarifmosavar.com

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